Polygraph Testing Services
Polygraph Testing Services

What to Expect.

The Polygraph Exam From Start To Finsh.

After contact by the paying client or person taking the polygraph examination, the Examiner will talk with that person and get the facts and circumstances regarding the reason(s) for the test. The Examiner will decide on the proper test format and formulate appropriate polygraph test questions. These exact questions will be reviewed with the client for their approval while making sure that they meet the standards for a valid polygraph examination.

Upon arrival at our office, the Examinee is greeted by a receptionist who will notify us of their arrival. We will come to the lobby, welcome the Examinee and bring them back to our office. (No additional person is allowed to accompany the Examinee into our office, or be with the Examinee during any part of the testing process. There are NO exceptions made to this rule.)

In our office, we will first take care of the payment, and provide a written receipt listing the tests and the total cost for the examination. The person to be tested will sign a release form for the type of testing to be administered.

The next phase is an informational interview for both the Examiner and Examinee. Here pertinent information is obtained, and the complete testing process is explained. The Examinee is encouraged to ask any and all questions they may have about the procedure. Additionally, all of the questions that will be asked during the testing will be reviewed with the Examinee in great detail so that there is no misunderstanding or confusion on their part. An introduction and explanation of the testing equipment including all of the motion detection sensors will be performed. The Examinee will be advised of the consequences in regards any attempts to affect the test by use of countermeasures or non-cooperation. This portion of the examination procedure takes approximately forty-five (45) minutes.

A short break is given to the Examinee before starting the actual testing.

Next will be the testing phase. This phase will ALWAYS start with the Acquaintance test. This tests primary purpose is to allow the examinee to become familiar with the testing process. It also allows the Examiner to make minor sensor adjustments for the Examinee’s individual physiology. After the Acquaintance test, the actual ‘testing’ begins. The polygraph examination usually takes between forty-five minutes to an hour or more, depending on the types and number of tests required to achieve an answer to the subject matter. (The Examinee is NOT being questioned this entire time.)

After the completion of all tests, the Examinee will leave the office to a nearby waiting area while the Examiner uses very highly accurate computer software scoring programs to look at the resultant test charts for a probable outcome. The Examinee will have the opportunity to address any negative or problem areas on the test results. The testing process will then be complete, and the Examinee may leave the office.

The automated scoring programs give a very accurate indication of the direction the test results will go, but no definitive determination of TRUTH or DECEPTION will be determined until the test charts have been both scored by the computer software and analyzed by the examiner.

** All test recordings including computer, digital, audio and video are the property of Verified Polygraph**

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