Polygraph Testing Services
Polygraph Testing Services

From Pre-Employment to Fidelity Testing. Verify the Truth!

Is it the TRUTH or a LIE? We can VERIFY the TRUTH for you!

Fidelity/Relationship Issues (Cheating or Faithful)


Accusations (Prove Innocence or Guilt, True or False)


Unlawful Sexual Conduct (Prove Innocence or Guilt, True or False)


Pre-Employment Testing for Law Enforcement, Fire Departments and All Other Qualifying Government and Private Entities


Divorce (Financial and Asset Disclosures)


Attorney's Criminal and Civil Cases (Prosecution or Defense)


Parole, Probation and Treatment Monitoring


Workplace Theft and Embezzlement


Court Ordered Testing (PCSOT, Drug, Domestic Violence)


Professional, Modern, State of the Art Computerized Polygraph Testing Services

Verified Polygraph offers you a professional lie detection service. We use the most modern and up to date computerized testing instruments available. This includes motion sensors for hands, feet, and body to detect any attempt at 'Counter Measures' by the examinee during the testing. Our staff is ready and able to handle any of your Polygraph needs.


As per the standards set by the American Polygraph Association, all Polygraph testing will be at least 90 minutes in length and will include both a pre-test and post-test interview.


Standard testing usually ranges anywhere between the required 90 minutes on up to three to four hours depending on the type(s) of the test(s) administered.



All interviews, both pre and post-test, along with the actual Polygraph examination WILL be recorded on both video and audio. This will serve as a permanent record of the procedure and provides protection for both the examinee and the examiner involving any allegations of misconduct etc.




We would be happy to give you more details regarding our services. For additional information, test scheduling and pricing, please contact us at (657) 549-1249 or use our Contact Form.

Verified Polygraph proudly serves the cities of Temecula, Murrieta, Corona, Carlsbad, Anaheim Hills, Orange, Tustin, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Riverside, Hemet, Menifee, San Marcos, Escondido, San Jacinto and the surrounding areas.

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