Polygraph Testing Services
Polygraph Testing Services

Can Polygraph Provide a Fair and Impartial Answer to Your Questions?


Can You Get a Fair and Impartial Answer to Questions? How Accurate Is the Polygraph?

Many people wonder about the accuracy of the Polygraph. Does it work?

With today's modern computerized instruments and the addition of anti-countermeasure motion sensors, the answer is YES!


Multiple independent studies have verified the accuracy of today's Polygraph systems. A recent study by the Israeli Government showed a verified accuracy rate of 96%. This study was duplicated by the U.S. Department of Defense which came up with an almost identical result with an accuracy rating of 95%. The 4 to 5% error rate was mostly due to improper test formulations or scoring errors by the Examiner.


The Polygraph is used extensively by many nations all over the world. Almost all U.S. law enforcement agencies either employ or have access to the use of Polygraph to aid in the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases as well as exonerating innocent people and obtaining factual victim/witness statements.   

Parole, Probation, and Court ordered treatment providers use Polygraph testing as a tool to ensure that sex offenders along with many domestic violence and drug offenders are abiding by the terms of their release and not re-offending or committing additional crimes.


Today's Polygraph is used throughout our Federal and State governments and their various agencies including all National Intelligence Agencies and the U.S. Military for one reason... because 'IT WORKS'!

Watch the video below for an explanation on the accuracy of the polygraph

How It Works


The principles of Polygraph are very simple. The Polygraph operates on a subconscious level that we cannot control. When we knowingly lie our Central Nervous System responds through the Sympathetic and Para-Sympathetic branches resulting in physiological responses that are uncontrollable.


These immediate changes within the body are captured and recorded by the Polygraph. The examiner evaluates the test charts for signs of deceptive or non-deceptive results and will then check their findings with a computerized scoring program to validate their determination regarding the test results.


Watch the video below.


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