Polygraph Testing Services
Polygraph Testing Services

Standard Polygraph Tests And What They Are Used For

The Polygraph detects deception even if you don't want it too!

Different Tests for Different Circumstances and Issues.

At Verified Polygraph we can help you get the truthful answers that you are looking for. Stop wondering and find the truth!

Relationship/fidelity Exams


Many relationships fall victim to the acts of an unfaithful partner. Is he/she cheating on me? Stop the accusations and end the uncertainty.

At Verified Polygraph we can work with couples by themselves or through their therapist to find the answer to your questions.

Single Issue Exams.

Single issue exams usually are conducted when attempting to obtain information or an answer in regards to a single subject or question. This doesn’t mean only a single test though. It may take several Single Issue exams to narrow down and pinpoint the exact answer in regards a single subject. In many instances, an EXPLORATORY (Single or Multi-Issue) test will be administered to discover the subject matter for the Single Issue test.

Multi-Issue Exams.

Multi-issue exams are in order when there may be more than one question, possibility or fact to be determined. In many instances, Multi-Issue exams will become more focused during the examination and then result in continued questioning with Single Issue examinations. Once again it may take several sets of tests to come to a conclusion.

Pre-Employment Exams.


By Federal law, Pre-Employment exams can only be REQUIRED by a select group of employers. In general, the following employers are allowed to request mandatory pre-employment testing….

Law Enforcement Agencies. (All branches of Federal, State, County and City.)

Fire Departments. (All branches of Federal, State, County and City.)




Federal Employees (Including contract workers)

In the private sector, employers are very limited as to who can require a Pre-Employment Polygraph Examination. The short list contains…


Armored Car companies


Security companies (System Sales and Patrol or Guard)


Pharmacy Employee’s


Pharmaceutical Companies (Both Sales and Manufacturing.)

For complete information regarding the federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA), click the link below 

Attorney Requested Client Exams


At Verified Polygraph we work with all Attorneys (Defense, Divorce, and Prosecution) to aid them in the detection of truth or deception with regard to their client, suspect or other involved parties. We can provide our services to assist you in resolving issues and detecting truth or deception in both criminal and civil cases.

Discounted rates are available with a contract.


Law Enforcement Investigation Exams


We will be happy to assist any law enforcement agency with their investigative needs. If you do not have a Polygraph division or are just overloaded we can help.

We are also pleased to provide Pre-Employment Polygraph testing for both Entry Level and Lateral Transfer applicants.


Discounted rates are available with a contract.

Verified Polygraph is proud to serve the cities of Temecula, Murrieta, Corona, Lake Elsinore, Anaheim Hills, Riverside, Oceanside, San Diego, San Marcos, Escondido, Sun City and the surrounding areas.

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