Polygraph Testing Services
Polygraph Testing Services

Court Ordered Testing. Parole or Probation, Sexual Offender Monitoring and Treatment Testing.

At Verified Polygraph we are pleased to offer our services to all official agencies as well as Attorneys and private parties to conduct all types of Court ordered, Attorney-client and private party request testing.


Domestic Violence Testing and Monitoring


Do not remain a victim! Report Domestic Violence to your local Law Enforcement authorities as soon as possible. 

At Verified Polygraph we can perform Court ordered, Parole, Probation and private testing and monitoring to make sure that the violence does not and is not continuing.

Divorce (Asset and Financial Disclosure) Exams


Do you suspect that your ex-has money, property or other incomes or annuities hidden or undisclosed to you? If so, the Court can order a Polygraph test regarding these financial questions.

The law states and decides what is owed and by who. Let the Court have all the information available to make a fair decision. 

PCSOT Exams (Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing)


At Verified Polygraph we have advanced course training in PCSOT testing and can provide our services to Parole, Probation and Treatment programs.



Our Sexual Offender Testing Includes:


Instant Offense (IO)

Instant Offense Investigation (IOI)

Prior Allegation Exam (PAE)

Sexual History Exam 1 (SHE-1)

Sexual History Exam 2 (SHE-2)

Monitoring Exam (ME)

Maintenance Exam-a (ME-a) for Parole or Probation

Maintenance Exam-b (ME-b) for Treatment Programs. 

Drug Treatment or Parent Requested Drug Use Exams


We will tell you ‘Yes” or ‘NO’ regarding the use of drugs whether it be for an individual in a treatment program or for a parent that wants to know and be sure that their child is not abusing.


Using Polygraph to assist you in your efforts to keep a person in treatment 'clean,' or a child off drugs significantly increases the odds of success.


Just knowing that they will be subject to a Polygraph examination can keep drug abusers of any age from ‘slipping’ back into the usage and lifestyle of an abuser or addict.

Verified Polygraph proudly serves the cities of Temecula, Murrieta, Corona, Carlsbad, Anaheim Hills, Orange, Tustin, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Riverside, Hemet, Menifee, San Marcos, Escondido, Norco and the surrounding areas.

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